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USS Virginia

Contacting the chapter

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If would you like to contact us about any information about the local Science fiction or Star Trek chapters. Please do so by contacting  the addresses below.
Please send any questions to :
P.O. Box 111
Waynesboro, Va. 22980
Atten: USS Virginia
We currently do not give our numbers unless been asked for. Our main number for this chapter is on our business cards. One can be sent out upon request.
If you do have chapter's main number please read the following:
Text message can be sent to main number . Please beware any message with a number that is unknown without a name will be deleted.
Also all text messages that are sent out from this number will be sent with a picture.   
We do have more contact information at the Starfleet web site. 

Or just click this any of the following addresses to send an email:

Meetings and Events will and can be cancel at the last minute due to bad weather during the winter. If this has happen for that month's meeting or events then please contact us for more information or questions  .    Thank you.