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USS Virginia

Crew and Departments

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The following are departments for the USS Virginia. 

Commanding Officer :
Captain Erinn Boyd
Second in Comand :
 Captain Scott Jensen
USS Virginia Crew :
LCDR Brian Boyd
Carrie Boyd
Russ  Boyd
Cadet Spencer Boyd
Sarah Boyd
Brent Jackson
Jill Jackson
Tina Jackson
Nikole LoCascio
USS Virginia departments are:
USS Virginia Message Board:
Scifi department message board : 

You must be a member of the USS Virginia Chapter to be with one of these departments.  

There are more departments in the works .

For more information about filling one of the departments please contact us. 
Thank you .

Meetings and Events will and can be cancel at the last minute due to bad weather during the winter. If this has happen for that month's meeting or events then please contact us for more information or questions  .    Thank you.