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USS Virginia
events and meetings

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We are planning a meeting and events for 2013 . We welcome one and all to join with us in on the fun .
If anyone is interseted in attending this meeting please get in contact with us .
The following are some links of events that happen during the year.
If you know of a events that you may like to see us add please contact us. Thank you.
Staunton ghosts tour :
A Convention at JMU that is held every March :
A convention that is held once a year in a part of Virginia:
For out of the area :
And for other cons that can be found . Please go to the following web pages that have a large list for in and out state :

Any problems with the  information provided here please get in contact us. 


Meetings and Events will and can be cancel at the last minute due to bad weather during the winter. If this has happen for that month's meeting or events then please contact us for more information or questions  .    Thank you.